What is Heroes of Doxy.me? 

Heroes of Doxy.me - a podcast miniseries featuring real stories from the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Heroes of Doxy.me is a podcast miniseries featuring real stories from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These stories are from Ukrainian doxy.me employees—they have lent their voices to this project. These employees are like our family, and their stories are both terrifying and eye-opening. 

We believe that Heroes of Doxy.me is a very important project, and there are a number of goals we hope to accomplish. But first, we should explain why we loved the people of Ukraine long before this war began.

What is Ukraine to doxy.me? 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit American shores in March 2020, doxy.me grew at an insanely fast rate. It was impossible for the small team of employees to keep up with the flood of new users. That’s when Heath Morrison—our current CTO, and an American who had lived in Ukraine for many years—suggested expanding into the Ukrainian talent pool. 

When the world most needed telemedicine to grow and adapt to solve its healthcare needs, the people of Ukraine answered the call. We hired software engineers, project managers, support specialists; Ukrainians were involved in every part of the company. They made it possible for hundreds of thousands of providers to join doxy.me in the matter of only a few short months—sometimes tens of thousands a day. Without them, millions of patients would have been left with no safe way to see their providers. The people of Ukraine have done so much for us: that’s why we want to do everything we can to give back to them. 

Spread truth and bolster support

These stories are real. In them you will find struggle and hope. The will of the Ukrainian people is an amazing thing. We American workers have witnessed it firsthand in every interaction with our colleagues. We want to show the rest of the world just how special and resilient the people of Ukraine are.

Our Ukrainian friends have had to hunker down in bomb shelters and subway stations; have had to split families as they crossed borders; have been held at gunpoint by Russian soldiers. They have gone through so much—that’s why we plan on doing more than just sharing these stories with the world. 

Charity effort

Heroes of Doxy.me is a charity effort for the people of Ukraine. All proceeds from sales of our “We Stand with Ukraine” t-shirts, available in the doxy.me store, go to charitable causes and organizations hand-selected by our Ukrainian colleagues. We believe it is not the role of outsiders to decide what is best for the people of Ukraine, so we have listened to their wishes. Additionally, any charitable donation made by a doxy.me employee will be matched by the company. 

The people of Ukraine supported doxy.me, and by extension, hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers around the world. It is our time to give back to them.