City Counsel Approves Agreement with US Topco Energy

At the April 12 Lancaster City Council Meeting, the City Council approved the establishment of an agreement between the City and US Topco Energy for the development of solar generating facilities.

“The agreement with US Topco is an exciting prospect for the City,” noted Deputy Mayor Kit Yee Szeto. “We are pleased to have been sought out by this international company and welcome their offer of partnership as we work toward our goal of becoming the solar energy capital of the world.”

City staff has been working closely with US Topco Energy, Inc. to develop an energy partnership which will allow for the further development and construction of solar facilities, with the intent to sell the power generated on a wholesale basis to other utilities.

Fiscally, the Memorandum of Understanding agreement (or MOU) does not commit the City to any current or future expense. It does, however, commit City staff time in an effort to establish this partnership. It is anticipated that any future direct relationship with US Topco Energy, Inc. will be in an effort to generate revenue to the Lancaster Power Authority (LPA).

The MOU commits the City to work in concert with US Topco Energy, Inc. to identify financing, development, and implementation strategies for up to 50MW of power. It also commits US Topco Energy, Inc. to work in concert with the City to provide all the necessary information needed to take this project from preliminary stages to construction. Once the more detailed plans and relationships are developed, staff will return for Council approval of a more detailed agreement.

As a result of the City Council authorizing the establishment of the LPA last month, City staff has been working hard to identify and establish relationships with solar developers to advance the construction and development of solar generating facilities in the community. Not only has City staff been actively seeking opportunities, but, in some cases, companies have been actively seeking out the City for opportunities. US Topco Energy, Inc. is an example of the latter. US Topco Energy, Inc., based in Taiwan, already has California offices to manufacture, distribute, and construct solar facilities in the United States.

US Topco Energy, Inc.’s mission is to provide their customers with a reliable source of vertical solar system integration solutions. Their line of service includes the planning and establishment of solar power plants ranging from 500kW to 50MW, to various new and retrofit commercial and residential constructions. US Topco Energy, Inc. has one of the most experienced teams of renewable energy systems designers in the industry. Their group offers unparalleled technical expertise, and has designed some of the largest commercial photo voltaic systems in the United States, as well as highly customized off-grid systems around the world.

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